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No Ball Games

‘No Ball Games does what a short film ought to do, which is to create its own world with its own rules...
It also looks terrific, I have become rather nostalgic of late for the gorgeous blue skies of my youth...’
Michael McCahill - Film Critic, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian and Metro

"This was an excellent film from start to finish that managed to hit all the right notes... I think what impressed me the most was the tension built in the garden beyond the wall. It’s not easy to make such an idyllic place seem so foreboding, but the director was able to accomplish that without any dialogue, only with music and clever cuts. The child actor here also deserves credit here for a perfectly understated performance. In some respects the film reminds me of a horror movie, with the way the dread and tension continue to build up even though everything is seemingly fine."
Toronto International Film and Video Awards Film Review

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35th INTERNATIONAL Clermont-Ferrand Short film Festival

Written and Directed by: Richard Pengelley
Produced by: Georgina Cowley
DOP: Daniel Holland
Music by: Oliver Fox
Sound Design by: James Mather
Edited by: Jamie Mac

Starring: Adam Thomas Wright

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